Cogs, gears, wheels, sprockets.

As an artist, I doodle in various media; charcoal, pen, vector art, and code. Here's a showcase of some of my web-based "doodles", mostly written in PHP with some JavaScript and CSS wizardry going on as well. Some of these widgets give increased functionality if logged in. To become a member of this site, register at the forum. Forum registrations can be used anywhere on the site.

Solar Model

Visualize the distance from planet to planet, given a sun location and size.

YouTube as Instrument

Use videos of people playing instruments to feel like you're playing instruments.

DM Screen

Manage role-playing game characters to do behind-the-screen die rolls digitally. This widget requires you to be signed in!


Part of the DM Screen widget is an install of 3EProfiler for storing role-playing game character sheets. This portion can be used separately from the DM Screen. This instance of 3EProfiler has been modified by the addition of a GURPS character sheet, an alternate d20 sheet reminiscent of the Monster Manual stat block style, and a Nethack character sheet. Also added are export capabilities to export to OpenRPG XML format, and importing/exporting to and from PCGen

Minis Maker

Create simple graphics to represent characters on a game board.

Visualizing Blowfish

Step through the Blowfish encryption method and see how it ticks.