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This widget was made to assist RPG players using online miniature maps to play out their games. I created this widget, because I was sick of searching the web over for miniature images, not finding exactly what I wanted, and having none of them be consistant, when all I really need is a placeholder on my map. So I create this widget to make minis for me on the fly.

Before you go hog wild making every sort of miniature you need; I have compiled a gallery of commonly used miniatures here, which you're free to use. If there's something you want that's not there, you can make your own on this page.

Enter a width and a height and click "Generate Mini" to create a default miniature. The default background is red, so you'll get a circular, red coin miniature. Enter a label to have it printed across the front of the miniature, or enter a color to modify the background color. The color is expressed in Hex code; a common way to express colors over the Internet. To learn more about Hex code, and learn the Hex equivilant of some common colors, check out this page.

To use your mini, simply right click the image and download the picture. The picture is transparent and is shown against the grass terrain image so you can get a feel for what it might look like against your background.