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I found this YouTube channel through several of the blogs I watch, and was intrigued by the concept, but like some of the commenters there, I didn't like having to click the timeline for some of the videos, and the for the few that use annotations to jump around in the video, it doesn't pause before it plays the next note. So, I took a look at the YouTube Javascript API, and wrote my own!

To play the video above, wait for the video to load completely, and then either click the keyboard items beneath the movie, or use your computer keyboard with A, S, D, F, G, H, and J being the white keys, and W, E, T, Y, and U being the black, and space bar being pause:

 W E   T Y U

This script works off the notion that the video is 2 minutes long, with notes lasting 10 seconds each, starting with "C". If you know of any other videos that match this restriction , and I'll add them here, so you can choose which instrument you'd like to play.