March 17th, 2013

Trinity and iPadTrinity loves playing on the family iPad (as you can clearly see), and she’s sure there’s others out there who love loading up their mobile devices with apps too! So, Trinity has an extra special bonus raffle for this week! Next Sunday (the 24th) Trinity’s going to draw names out of a hat for a $25 gift card to the App store of your choice (iTunes if you’ve got an Apple device, Google Play if you’re on Android), and everyone who has donated through Saturday will have an entry in the raffle! So if you’ve already donated, thank you, and you already have an entry in the raffle. If you have not, or have friends or family who are still on the fence, here’s a great reason to make a donation to help Trinity get the cure that would lengthen her life! Click here to visit the Team Trinity sponsorship page, and click the “Click to Donate” button at the top of the page.

UPDATE: A winner has been announced!

As we begin this week, Team Trinity has 8 walkers, and has $690 pledged; thank you to everyone who has donated so far to help us reach that level! That surpassed the $50 challenge level that was set last week, so check out the “Mobile Upgrade” post again for the reward! As we’ve now got several bonuses out there, and a few more planned in the works as we count down to the Great Strides event, here’s a handy calendar to see it all at a glance: