Wishlist Archive

As I've retired my Wishlist widget, I don't want to leave people in the lurch, so here are the wishes that existed in the prior widget:

Brooks Boyd


3D Studio Max Rigging/Skinning tutorial ($255.91) - An advanced DVD set (4 DVDs) showing some in-depth tips and tricks to make custom characters within 3D Studio Max. The price is a bit steep as a boxed set, but the one DVD that I think would be most useful (the aspect that has the most unique quirks to learn to handle) is the Skinning DVD (#3), which is available here by itself for $66.78.

Computer Hardware ($1105.05) - Whether it's improving my existing setup, or getting a new one entirely, these upgrades would suit me quite well:

Ambient Orb ($149.99) - What a wonderful concept to blend together computer technology and the environment we're already accustomed to as human beings. This frosted glass orb seems to be a simple glass mood light that shifts colors over time. But if you know it's secret, you know that it's wirelessly connecting to the internet, and can be configured to have the colors indicate fluctuations in the stock market, local weather conditions, or if a favorite buddy is on instant messenger! Marvelous!

Bluetooth FrogPad (Left Handed) ($149.99) - Now that I've got a Bluetooth adapter, I could use a wireless keyboard. This keyboard is a nice, compact, portable design, which is great for a mobile keyboard.

MicFlex USB microphone ($34.99) - As I get more involved in designing movies on my Mac, this would be a nice addition, allowing me to hear what I was mixing more clearly and record voiceovers with better quality.

Canesta Laser Keyboard/mouse - Maybe... possibly... almost... finally?? I saw Canesta demo their virtual keyboard at Siggraph 2003, and have eagerly been awaiting them to find a mass producer and start selling them. And now they seem to have found a partner in Celluon. I'm most interested in the Canesta 'flavor' of virtual keyboards, since they made one intuitive leap that other virtual keyboard manufacturers seem to have missed: incorporating the mouse in with the keyboard. Not only can you type on your desk like a touchpad, but with a certain finger combination, you can control the mouse too, getting rid of the need for any other device on your desk besides this and a monitor. The "Celluon LaserKey Keyboard" is scheduled to go on sale 2005 Q1, so... soon?

iBook A/C adapter ($79.00) - It would be nice to have a power adapter for my iBook both at home and at work, and my old 'Hockey puck' type adapter has kicked the bucket. And now that I broke the useful, little, cord-winding prongs off the one I have, 2 new ones wouldn't be frowned upon either! I have the 12" G3 iBook model.

Kensington USB Bluetooth Key ($24.88) - My two Macs are not old enough to be Bluetooth-enabled by default, especially since I recently got a Tungsten PDA, and down the road I'll probably be getting a wireless keyboard/mouse. So it would be good to have a pair of these USB adapters. And, since I got one for Christmas, I only need one more for the complete set!

Optimus Keyboard ($462.27) - The artists dream; to draw on one's own keyboard. Well maybe it's not all artists' dream, but it's still a darn cool concept! Whenever you hit Shift, the keyboard keys change their appearance to be capital letters. You launch an application, the keys change to shortcut descriptions. Keyboard as art; now that's a concept. Unfortunately, it's truly just a concept; the keyboard won't go on sale until March 2008 by their most current projections.

Sun Sparc Adapter ($89.95) - Me being a big fan of technology, I've got some older computers laying around, including some Sun SPARC stations. These workstations aren't to terribly old, but use and older, Sun-propriatary Video and Keyboard/Mouse connection. Since Sun monitors of that era are limited to 25" across and 80+ lbs., it would be beneficial to use a more modern monitor with it. To do so, I'd need an adapter like this one. This one converts both video and keyboard/mouse signals, so would be an ideal one-converter solution to the problem.

USB Flash Drive ($33.99) - As floppies go the way of last year's snowfall (sloppy and forgotten), you can never have too many flash drives (thumb drives, or whatever else you want to call them)!

DAS Keyboard ($79.99) - Ah, finally; proof that other people think the way I do! In college, as a minor security feature for my computer, I took all the keys off my keyboard, and put them back on in random places, and since I can touch-type, it made no difference to me, but most other people couldn't type in my password even if they learned it. And now someone else thinks that's cool too. This black, sturdy keyboard has NO LABELS AT ALL on any of the 104 keys, for total security against hunt-n-peck typists!

Hollywood Camera Work Mastercourse ($479.00) - Being a fledgling filmmaker, one has to do all the steps of the filmmaking process oneself. And while collaborating, 3D scenes still need to have the same camera motion as live action. This DVD set teaches camera work, and I think would be much more effective than a book on the subject simply because it's using the medium that it's trying to teach.

Lightsaber ($300.00) - Okay, yes, so it's an incredibly expensive length of plumbing. But, since these lightsaber replicas have detatchable blades, a mock wooden blade can be inserted and painted so that using a computer later, the glowing blade look can be put in (as this guy did), or the glowing tube can be added for a real-life look. Two uses for the price of one! Of course, I'd go for a blue colored blade

Wearable Computing ($459.98) - All right, I am so much a geek that I want to be able to take a computer with me everywhere and augment my reality using it. And the world is starting to shift that way with cellphones and PDAs becoming more mainstream (which I have), but the next few items take wearable computing to the next level, both with more gadgets, and TEC. When a geek has a lot of gadgets, it is always best to have a lot of pockets, but how to avoide unsightly pocket buldge from a 5.1MP camera? Technology Enabled Clothing (TEC).

Scott eVest Spring coat ($149.99) - The best TEC on the market, with 32 pockets! I'd go for the Stone color, and I think a Large would fit me.

Sony PlayStation Portable ($250.00) - If I were ever to get a portable gaming system (for the first time in my life), I'd go for the Sony PlayStation Portable (PSP). Compared to the Nintendo DS; it's primary competitor, the larger screen, more stylish look, and do things other than play games (view pictures, listen to music, etc.) win out.

Scott eVest Cargo Pants ($59.99) - Now TEC comes in formal wear! I'd go for the Stone color, and I wear 34/34.

.Mac account ($99.95) - This one might be hard for you to get without me knowing, but money earmarked for this purpose would be wonderful! With two Macs, having a .Mac account with Apple would allow me to sync up the addressbooks between the two, publish photo albums, and more. The fee is a reoccuring fee (annual), but getting me started with a year's subscription would be nice!

Ancestry.com U.S. Records Subscription ($79.95) - This isn't something that's easy to get without me knowing, since its an upgrade for an account I already have, but money earmarked for it would be wonderful. With this upgrade to the Ancestry basic account, I could do much more research on the lack of geneological information we have for my father's ancestors. The fee is annual, but a year of solid research would be greatly helpful.

Ancestry.com UK & Ireland Records Subscription ($99.95) - This one may be hard to get for me without me knowing, since it's an upgrade to an account I already have, but money earmarked for this would be great. Both my father's line (Boyd) and my wife's line (Mosby) have roots in the UK (Boyd in Ireland and Scotland, Mosby in England), so as our geneological research continues, having access to these UK records would be a useful tool to have. The fee is annual, but one year of solid research would be invaluable.

Astronomy adventures ($594.90) - Being a Sci-fi kind of guy, I do take an interest in astronomy, and the following few items would turn me loose on the galaxy!

Starry Night Pro ($149.95) - Great compliment to the Telescope item in this list. I would prefer the 'Pro' version of Starry Night, for the one feature that it enables the software to control a real telescope, which the more limited versions of the software don't.

Telescope ($429.95) - I had a little telescope when I was a kid, but didn't appreciate it as much as I should have. Now I would love to have one that had the power to at least see the craters on the moon more clearly, and the moons of Jupiter. If it were mechanized, or had the ability to link to a computer (Mac, preferably), that would be a bonus.

Aftter doing a little research (and using a few telescopes in some Astronomy classes in school, I think a Cassegrain type telescope would be what I want; they're both compact and powerful, good for terrestrial viewing and space (for when the wifey and I want to go wildlife watching), good for camera attachments (both space and wildlife), and are not too complex to operate. The StarMax line of telescopes from Orion fits this bill, and their mid-line model (the StarMax 102mm) would be fantabulous!

SLOOH membership ($15.00) - SLOOH is an online community that allows amateur astronomers the chance to control a colossal telescope from time to time to do their own sky exploration and discovery. You can get gift cards that are good for reserving telescope time to do your own remote space exploration.

Gift certificates - Sometimes, a picture is worth a thousand words, and sometimes a gift certificate is worth a thousand presents. There's a few venues that I patronize often, but wouldn't think to ask of a specific item from, but gift certificates for future use would be marvelous.

Amazon.com - Books, books, books... and a whole lot more!

Olive Garden - Great Italian eats (try the alfredo dipping sauce with the breadsticks)!

Best Buy - Electronics, games, movies, etc. In other words, "toys"!

Home Depot - Most often visited hardware store when the house needs a fixin'.

iTunes - When you want to get digital music the legal way.

Hip Pocket Games - The Cheapass Game company has made its continuing mission to come up with fast, fun, cheap games, and these are the epitomy of their accomplishments (in my opinion): games that fit in a back pocket, can be played almost anywhere in under a half hour. Any of these Hip Pocket Games would be a welcome gift. All are under $5 each, though buying "bits" (dice, counters, and/or pawns) adds a bit more if the game calls for it, but purchasing the bits are optional. Or you could spring for the family pack which is all the games and bits to play all of them for $40.00

ThinkGeek.com ($162.88) - What a great name for a website. Especially since I do often think like a Geek. Pretty much anything advertised on this website would make a great gift for me. Or check out some of the suggestions below.

Binary people Tee ($14.99) - Oi, this one's hilarious! At least to me. Since I understand binary. See, the joke is, "10" in binary (the numbering system most computers use) is equivilant to "2" in decimal (the numbering system most humans use). So the shirt is a true statement when you read "10" as "two" in the first phrase.

Duct Tape Wallet ($14.99) - So, my curret wallet is getting a little beaten up, and being a vegetarian and a geek, I'd rather not have a leather wallet if I can help it. Enter the duct tape wallet! A functional accessory 100% comprised of good old Duct Tape!

123 Robotics Experiments for the Evil Genius book ($19.99) - Let's face it: robots are going to turn on us one day, so why not start off with them as tools of an Evil Genius? This book (as well as robots themselves) are not inherently evil (only their programming would make them so), but it does give instructions on how to build some simple light-following, maze-solving, and instruction-following mini-robots.

Electronic Gadgets for the Evil Genius book ($19.95) - What evil lair would be complete without a mass driver and a Tesla coil? Not to mention a power generator for when you disrupt the world's power grid, and need to send an eMail to the president demanding ransom. This book covers how to make some classic (though mostly flashy) gadgets for yourself!

Mind Hacks book ($22.99) - "See Movement When All is Still"? "Detect Sounds on the Margins of Certainy"? "Understand Detail and the Limits of Attention"? Sounds like quite the book! This non-fiction work delves into cognitive neuroscience in a practical way to allow the reader a better understanding of their own brain.

Pixel blocks ($24.99) - Okay, as an artist, I'm required to put these down: translucent 'cubes' that are stackable and connectable to make plethoras of 2D and 3D art. Think LEGOs with the main goal of being an artist's tool.

Glo-Tube FX light ($29.99) - This little toy is a quite durable lamp (not really a flashlight since the light is omnidirectional instead of a beam). If I were to have a red one it would be good for late night stargazing. If I were to have a blue one, it would be a fun toy in my favorite color

SQL Tee ($14.99) - You have to know the SQL programming language to get this joke. Basically it's saying that all users on this computer system are clueless, but in SQL.

Video Games ($131.34) - Whether for the PS2 or Mac, games are good!

ICO ($21.99) - Ico is the precursor to the Shadows of the Colossus game, which I have and very much enjoyed the atmospheric quality of that game, and this game is rumored to be just as good.

LEGO Star Wars II for PS2 ($38.49) - The wonderfully construct-able world of LEGO meets Star Wars.

Playstation to USB converter ($8.99) - When playing a game on a game console, the game controllers have the added benefit of being tailored for playing games. Not so when working on a PC with a standard keyboard. I enjoy playing games more with a joystick/pad than with the keyboard, and since usually games don't require more than a dozen keys, with something like this product, you could use the controllers from your game console on your computer to play those games! Plus, the PS2 controller has analog sticks, which offer more directional control than the four (up, down, left, right) that keyboard control usually offers.

Shadow of the Colossus Soundtrack (Daichi No Hokou) ($7.00) - Not really a video game, but closely related to one: the Shadow of the Colossus game is filled with large, impressive creatures, and a large, impressive orchestral score to match. Never released in America, this soundtrack has all the literature in Japanese, but still has all 44 tracks of music from the game.

Jak 3 for PS2 ($39.88) - I've heard Jak3 is on par with Ratchet and Clank: Up your Arsenal if not slightly better in both graphics and gameplay, and I'd like to experience that for myself

MYST: Masterpiece Edition - I have the original Myst game. I have the realMyst remastering of the original to be truly 3D. But now they have Myst: Masterpiece, which is exactly the old game, but recompiled for modern computers. It seems it's now out of print for the Macintosh, so a used one from Amazon may be the only way to go.

Ratchet and Clank: Going Commando for PS2 ($14.99)

Visibone guides ($90.00) - Visibone makes some very colorful and useful products that make webmastering (specifically designing the site) easier.

Browser Book ($55.00) - Sixteen pages of the most useful guides webmasters need on hand. This book is I think the best embodiment of Visibone's motto of "use what you know, not what you've memorized" in that it portrays all the nitty-gritty numbers and symbols and syntax that you may forget where they specifically go, but if you remember that you can do it (somehow), this guide is a great desk reference to refresh and reorient. It combines several of Visibone's pocket guides into one bound edition. I would love a laminated version of this compilation.

CSS Wall Chart ($10.00) - A large, laminated cheat-sheet of all the possibilities available in the CSS language for web development

Color chart ($15.00) - A huge ("readable at 3-5 feet") depiction of the standard 216 "safe" (meaning most monitors will display them) colors that should be used for webmastering. Pretty and useful!

HTML special characters chart ($10.00) - A large, laminated chart of all the random strange characters (like "©", "½", "⇐" and the like) that you sometimes want to use in HTML and need to present correctly so all users can view it. This shows the proper way to display all of those.

"Pretension" Lithograph ($15.95) - No, I am not pretentious, but it is a funny poster

Books ($167.94) - Yes, I do still spend time associating with those analog slips of paper with the black ink on them. Here's a selection of books I'd like to grace my bookshelves:

3D World Magazine Subscription ($90.00) - It's always good to keep in the know about your favorite field. The only downside to this magazine is it's published in the UK, so it's a bit pricy (57 GBP), but worth it.

This is Not a Game by Dave Szulborski ($18.00) - ARG: Alternate Reality Gaming. It's the latest in 'immersive gaming', and has been used as a clever diversion, and many means of viral marketing. Google "I Love Bees" for more info... Now the maker of several ARGs has written a How-to book. The book is available for download as an eBook, but I've found that I still prefer printed books, so I'd like the print edition.

PHP in a Nutshell ($29.95) - O'Reilly's 'in a nutshell' books are some of the best books I've found on learning how to code a new language using practical examples, as well as provide a reference guide to experienced users (or those new users down the road) that gets referred to for years.

Be your own Botmaster ($29.99) - This book teaches the basics of the current state of AI research, and teaches how to make your own simple ai conversation-bot

CopyWrite Software licence ($29.99) - CopyWrite is a software piece designed to help keep novel writers organized, including various functions that novel writers would like to have, but word processing programs typically don't have.

Hematite gaming dice ($39.99) - Ooo, I've always loved the look and feel of hematite, but hematite rings are so very fragile. Though these solid masses should be wonderful.

J!NX - Clothing for Geeks ($89.70) - Anything that can be found at this store is pretty much something I'd like and wear (even around the office; we have a casual dress code, and everyone there is a geek). Plus, I prefer calling myself a Geek rather than a Nerd.

"iPood" Tee ($14.95) - Even though I love Apple immensley and respect them completely, I still find this spoof of the "iPod" and it's commercials quite funny.

"Choose your Weapon" Tee ($14.95) - For those gamers who are still back in "the old days" when computers didn't determine randomness in your games for you, you rolled dice, and this shirt is a hallmark for those who still fight their way thruogh the mystical dungeons that way

"fsck" Tee ($14.95) - No, I'm not being crass; while "fsck" might be only one letter off from a somewhat more widely known four letter word starting with "f", it is nowhere related. "fsck" is a program name in unix that stands for "File System ChecK" (similar to ScanDisk in Windows). But because it's such a close spelling, people look twice when you're wearing this shirt.

"I am not a Geek" Tee ($14.95) - This funny model pokes fun at the fact that Geeks have a tendancy to get absorbed into the video games and other fantasy worlds they play in, and forget who they are sometimes.

"Your computer sucks" Tee ($14.95) - Ah, yes, the immortal dispute between geeks: who's computer has got more RAM.

"42" Tee ($14.95) - If you don't know why this Tee is so special, you obviously haven't read Douglas Adam's "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy". Once you do, then come back and be amazed by its awesomeness.

Science Fiction/Fantasy DVDs ($212.86) - I'm a fan of most all things Sci-Fi and Fantasy related, so anything from those genres the come out on video, I'm into; especially if it's done with 3D animation. I prefer widescreen DVDs over stanrdard too.

Mindfreak DVDs ($24.95) - Criss Angel is one of the most revolutionary street magicians I've ever seen, and the TV series Mindfreak is a documentary showing his unbelievable feats.

Spiderman DVD ($14.27) - This movie really catches the human side of being a superhero

Star Wars Trilogy on DVD (widescreen) ($34.99) - Episodes IV, V, and VI all in one place, plus extras!

The Incredibles DVD ($20.85) - It's another Pixar movie. 'Nuff said.

The Ultimate Matrix Collection DVD set ($59.94) - Okay, so yes, I already own The Matrix, The Matrix Reloaded, and the Animatrix DVDs. But this is 10 DVDs on the Matrix! Yes, three would overlap, but three others in the 10 disk set are only available through this package, in addition to getting ALL the Matrix movie DVDs.

Catch Me If You Can DVD ($9.35) - Maybe not in the Sci-fi genre, but still a great flick that teaches you a lot about how our banking system works, and about life.

Fifth Element DVD ($19.50) - This movie has been such a part of my growing up; I've seen it dozens of times, and it's still a great movie, but I don't own a copy of it.

Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones DVD ($21.82) - I've got Episode I's DVD. This one just seems to follow.

The Last Unicorn DVD ($7.19) - This little film I first saw on VHS, but soon after our Blockbuster lost their copy due to heat damage. I would like to own a copy for my own nostalgia and for my children down the road.

Website Hosting ($40.00) - I own several websites, which costs money each year to keep up. You can't exactly buy this for me, but a donation of $40 will help me keep one of my websites going for another year.

Statehood quarters ($0.25) - I collect statehood quarters, so any spare change you have lying around that happens to have something other than an eagle on the back, I'd love to gnusto into my collection.


Cincher Back Support ($60.00) - This would constantly help remind me of proper posture as well as features hourglass shaping to keep it in place. And it is made by an environmentally conscious company. What more could I ask for?! I'm looking for a size small and color white, please.

Gift Cards/Certificates - These Gift Cards I would really love to have!

Amazon.com Gift Cards - Amazon.com always has so many amazing things, and they are usually pretty cheap too. Please get me this!

Bed Bath & Beyond Gift Cards - Now that we've bought a new home (wow!), we'll need decorations! And possibly a new shower curtain. And a cute new toothbrush holder would be nice. Plus a heated towel rack. Yeah, well, since we can't afford that stuff right off the bat, that's why this gift card is on the wishlist! :)

CBL Malls Gift Cards - This would be a great option as well because it lets me choose from a whole host of stores including Abercrombie & Fitch, Williams-Sonoma, and H&M!

Home Depot Gift Cards - Now that we have bought a house (!!!!), we'll need things from the Home Depot. What kinds of things you may ask? I dunno yet. It could be anything from new paint to new plants. But one thing is for sure - it will be fun!!

Red Sage Health Gift Certificates - I have been experiencing neck and back pain for almost a decade now, and have tried everything from a neurologist to physical therapy to chiropractics. The only doctor who has been successful in lessening the pain and frequency of my headaches also recommended Red Sage Health for Acupuncture, Chinese medicine, and Shiatsu. I would like to be treated, but it is expensive! Each appointment is $65, and our insurance only covers $100 a year. Any gift certificates would be greatly appreciated!!

Hypoallergenic BedLounge & Leg Lounger ($295.00) - Even late-night work doesn't feel like work in this supportive, nurturing lounger. Ergonomically designed by Dr. Robert Swezey, a pioneer in the nonsurgical treatment of back problems, the BedLounge is ideal for working in an upright position in bed or anywhere. Made in the USA.

Hypoallergenic Flex-Arm BedLounge ($145.00) - The body of this two part lounger (body and leg rest). I don't even know if I can wait for someone to get this for me. It would be so nice to find a relaxing position to help my back. I think this would help me, and it is made by the environmentally conscious company - Gaiam. Does this sound like me or what?

Hypoallergenic Leg Lounger ($80.00) - This addes the important piece of the leg support for lower back relief. Nice!

Extra BedLounge Cover ($45.00) - An extra cover for the BedLounge (funny enough).

Extra Leg Lounger Cover ($25.00) - This is an extra cover for the Leg Lounger which goes with this set.

Inversion Table ($325.00) - And that's why this is called a wishlist. It would be so wonderful to have this. It has been recommended highly to me by a person at Church with back issues, and this one is also sold by an environmentally conscious company. What more could I ask for?!?

Neverwinter Nights 2: Storm of Zehir Expansion ($24.99) - This is the newest expansion pack for Neverwinter Nights 2, the latest RPG addition to the series. Neat!

Princess Cruises Gift Card - In gearing up for our 5-year anniversary cruise to Alaska in late June, half the fun is preparing for it! Most of the things on the ship are "free" (once you board), but some items or activities require a nominal fee. We would certainly appreciate any help you would like to provide for our trip by giving us a gift card. Thank you!!

Nintendo Wii ($249.99) - A woman can dream, can't she?! Well, a Nintendo Wii is not only is fun to play with, it is a great exercise tool as well! Many times while playing games on the Wii, the arm gestures, full body moves, and creative game techniques will give quite a workout; that is good for my professional and physical health too. I'm all for anything that makes exercise fun!!

SimCity Societies ($39.99) - Featuring an all-new, revolutionary feature set, SimCity Societies allows you to create your own kinds of cities and shape their cultures and environments. Make your cities green or polluted, contemporary or futuristic, rural or urban. Create an artistic society or a police state, an industrial city or a spiritual community--or any society you want!

The Fires of Heaven (The Wheel of Time, Book 5) [AUDIOBOOK] [CD] [UNABRIDGED] (Audio CD) ($47.22) - I am listening to this series (The Wheel of Time series), and I need the next audio book in the series - Book 5, The Fires of Heaven. I would love it if someone got this for me, please! My story cannot continue without it, and I'd like to know what happens to the characters!

55 cm (22") Thera-Band Exercise Ball ($15.10) - To help me exercise and strengthen my back, Amazon.com has these great exercise balls. I specifically want the 55 cm (22") sized one because it is the correct one for my stature.

An Inconvenient Truth ($19.99) - What a brilliant movie! It speaks the truth about out current environmental crisis. I have received a Bachelor of Natural Resources and a Master of Public Health, and in both degrees environmental health played a prominent role in my education. People who live in a sick environment become sick themselves, whereas people who live in a healthy environment generally have have healthier demographic statistics. I want to help people - and the Earth - be healthier and create win/win situations for all!

An Inconvenient Truth: The Planetary Emergency of Global Warming and What We Can Do About It (Paperback) ($16.29) - This is the book that accompanies the DVD, An Inconvenient Truth. I would really love this to have as a reference guide, and be able to look up the statistics Al Gore gives in the movie!

Brother Bear [SOUNDTRACK] ($14.99) - This is a wonderful movie about a boy who learns to love all animal-kind by seeing things through their eyes. It has a very touching story, and every more touching music.

Hairspray (Soundtrack to the Motion Picture) [SOUNDTRACK] [ENHANCED] ($9.97) - This was a TERRIFIC movie - great values, and great music! I would absolutely love this soundtrack, please, because it also reminds me of the wonderful time I had seeing this movie with my Mom!

Hoot (New Line Platinum Series) ($10.49) - Similar to An Inconvenient Truth, this movie talks about the environment. But rather, this movie talks about the power of an individual and the decisions that they make, how important friendship is, and the fact that even kids can make a difference - sometimes all the difference in the world.

Royalty Magazine subscription ($69.00) - Keeping in the know with the various monarchies of the world is definitely high on my classy list of things to do.

Irresponsibility Poster ($15.95) - With all the efforts I put into my environmental pursuits, I find that the attitude reflected in this satirical poster is the way a lot of people think, especially with respect to the environment. Having this on my desk will remind me when talking with them of their mindset, and possibly could be used as a learning tool.

Lizzie McGuire Episodes ($14.99) - Okay, call it what you will: childish, girly, etc. But, I do love Lizzy because it is a nice, clean show which deals with real life issues and think that these are great Lizzie Episodes! A wonderful, relaxing, family friendly show that I've been watching for years now!

Allison Gettrust

Charming Angels

cookie cutters and rolling pin

walking haunted london

A Christmas Carol the musical soundtrack and dvd

A Time to remember by John McDermott

Barra McNeils Christmas Disc 1 and 2 ($20.00)

Road to Avonlea seasons 1-6 dvd

Sweet Liberty by Cara Dillon


"Accsessories" - Belts, jewelry, a watch, winter hat/mittens/scarf, etc.

Clothes ($20.00) - From Aero, Maurices, American Eagle, etc Shirts or Sweaters- size small or medium

Digetal Camera - Doesnt have to be fancy...maybe just smaller than the older one :)

DVD Player ($30.00) - There are some on sale at Target I think

I Pod Mini Charger ($30.00) - Either for an electrical outlet or for a car

I Tunes Gift Certificate - For purchasing music for my IPod- usually about a dollar a song

London Stuff - Anything that would be useful for a week long trip to London, either money or luggage, etc. :)

Perfume ($50.00)

Will and Grace DVDs ($30.00) - Any season! :)

Winter Jacket ($100.00) - Columbia/ Ski type jaket

Fun with My Kids - Anything fun I can do with my kids--- restaurants, coffee shops, movie theaters, hotels, attractions. Makes no difference, as long as I can enjoy it with my children! Yipee!

Cycle Rack ($120.00) - A stable, secure bike rack for up to 2 bikes. Mounts quickly to almost any vehicle make and model.

- I don't have a title, but I would like a pocket sized guide to Wisconsin native plants and trees.

Avant Garden Gift Certificate

Birds of Central North America - I would like a pocket sized field guide to birds. Can't carry the bigger size around while hiking.

Geocash lesson - I would like to go on a geocash outing with Denis and Barb when I visit them at the cabin in late July.

Piece of Art - One of the things that I like about Epic is their eclectic art collection. In my new condo, I would really enjoy some wimsical sculpure or other piece of art that was given to me by those I love.