Well, another sketchbook started. What to put on the front page...? That's always the hardest part, getting the book started and conquering that imposing whitespace for the first time. But it's refreshing at the same time. Hi, I'm Brooks, and this digital scratchpad is not my first sketchbook, nor the only one I'm working on at this moment, but hopefully it will have a flavor all its own.

This site is hosted on a ".name" URL, one of the newer top-level-domains intended to showcase individual people's sites. As such, this site holds content about my family history/genealogy as well as personal programming 'doodles'. I'm a PHP developer (among other programming languages), and as such when I come across a problem needing solving in a particular way, I'll create my own module/class/script to do so. Many of those are showcased here, and likely they won't be useful to you unless you find yourself in the same situation, but most are fun to play with in any case, so I've showcased them here. Some scripts were great when created, but since became overshadowed by bigger and better things (often from other sites that dedicated to that particular function). For a gallery of outdated toys (and if something you were using suddenly disappeared), see my Childish Things page for past triumphs and what now triumphs over them. My non-website artwork can be found at my portfolio website over at MidnightDesign.ws.

Brooks Boyd

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